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4 Febr 15:00: Chris Manders interviews Jan Doms c.s.

datum bericht: 28-01-2018

Sunday Feb. 4 2018 - 15:00 in Luycks Gallery


Chris Manders - art and architecture publicist and critic - will interview Jan Doms and Jan van den Berg about the duo exhibition III = II. 

Jan Doms and Jan van den Berg both work on the edge of the second and third dimension. That fact will be the main subject of the conversation about the artists and their art.


In the exhibition III - II Jan Doms shows a series of 20 blind prints under the title: 'Intercepted Light', two models of current and future dynamic projects (Malerwanderweg and Enchanted Forest in collaboration with Willem Tanke and Martijn Aalsters).

In the inner court yard Jan Doms created the glass installation 'Sky Line'.


Jan van den Berg shows his multiform and colorful painted paper-on-wooden panels bordered with gold leaf.

Download: uitn kunstenaarsgesprek - Luycks 2018 kl kopie.pdf



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