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08/02/2018 opening new C-Theater Radboud University

datum bericht: 28-01-2018

LEF has been invited by the programmer of the brand new C-Theater of the Radboud University to open this new theater with a selection from the multi-disciplinary show Tanzen on the Malerwanderweg (Walking on the Painters Trail), which premiered in Theaters Tilburg on September 30 2017 and was presented as part of the Dutch Design Week 2017 in Parktheater Eindhoven October 24.

The new C-Theater of the Radboud University is a beutiful theater with a intimite and close relation between the public and the artists. The stage is 14 meters wide an 6 meters deep. So the big moving glass disc - the central object of Malerwanderweg (painters Trail) is to big with its diameter of 8 meter. 


But LEF is very resourceful. Jan Doms placed 9 glass discs on the stage with a varying diameter of up to 1.5 meters, which the dancer sets in motion while dancing the Malerwanderweg (Painters Trail). He also wrote the spript for this 25 minutes show which he gave the title 'Desire' named after the title song.


Artists 'Desire' (Malerwanderweg):

Ulrike Doszmann (dance), Evelien van den Broek (voice and elektronics), Wout Kemkens, Jarno van Es and Ries Doms (the instant-band), Blanca Alonso (light animation and projection), Ernst Bonis and Josris Bonis (sound and electronis), Juliane Schreiber (costumes), Jan Doms (stage design, libretto and direction).

Download: Desire Radboud Theater kl.pdf



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