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Jan Doms starts with Mushtopia in Poland en Armenia

datum bericht: 11-12-2018

Following an invitation from ACOSS in Yerevan and the City Research Center in Gyumri, Armenia, Jan Doms is fully engaged in the preparation of the comprehensive and multiple project Mushtopia, which will take place in 2019.

The Mushtopia project was set up as a foreign work period for Jan Doms, which starts in Lodz (PL) in March 2019 and then goes to Yerevan and Gyumri (AM) in the period May to September 2019. The whole is concluded with a small festival in the Mush district in the north of Gyumri, a kind of ghost town, which was created because this district has never been reduced. Mush is also the inspiration for this project, connected with the utopian tradition. Different artistic disciplines are interconnected and interwoven with architecture and the urban landscape.

Download: work plan (ENG) Jan Doms - Mushtopia 2019 kl 2.pdf



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