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ED 12/11/2020: Maxima tower: mysterious and iconic

datum bericht: 19-11-2020

In the series of studies on "Art in public space", Volume 8: The Maxima Tower. 

The Eindhovens Dagblad published a closer look at the Maxima tower on 12 November 2020, ten years after this 52-meter-high tower was realized and which was designed by Jan Doms in collaboration with Ir. Philip van Boxtel, commissioned by saint-Gobain Weber Beamix (concrete manufacturer).

Buildings in an industrial estate usually do not deserve the beauty price. In fact, it doesn't get much uglier in the Netherlands than here, with the completely unimaginative XXL distribution boxes as the lowest point. Yet it can also be done differently, as this architectural masterpiece on the Beatrix Canal on the De Hurk industrial estate in Eindhoven proves. Sometimes the eye also wants something on a desolate industrial estate.


Maxima I, popularly called "the Maxima tower", is a mixing tower for dry concrete mortar, something that usually does not excite you very much. But this one is different, very different and quite ingeniously conceived.

Download: ED - Maxima toren 12 nov 2020 kl.pdf



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