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Wagon in the collection of the Verbeke Foundation

datum bericht: 21-12-2020

Jan Doms designed and constructed a wagon made of steel and glass in 2000 as a new project space in the outdoor area of Galerie Kathareze (now Luycks Gallery). As a result of changing ownership of the adjacent building, the wagon had to make way for a renovation. 

Luycks Gallery then showed the wagon in 2014 as part of the exhibition 'Beyond Borders' in the polygonal hall in the so-called Spoorzone in Tilburg. The municipality of Tilburg wanted to give it a permanent place in De Spoorzone, but eventually decided against it.


Geert Verbeke, the initiator of the famous Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke (near Antwerp) in Belgium, decided to include Jan Doms' wagon in the permanent collection. The transport will take place on December 30th. In the spring, the wagon is set up on the grounds of the Verbeke Foundation and shown to the public.

Download: document wagon spoorzone.pdf



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