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Exhibition FORELANDS | Jan Doms & Han Klinkhamer

datum bericht: 18-11-2019

Luycks Gallery Tilburg

FORELANDS 19/01 - 22/02/2020


On Sunday 19 January at 3 p.m. the duo exhibition FORELANDS by Jan Doms and Han Klinkhamer will open in Luycks Gallery.
Both artists, respectively constructive sculptor and painter, went tramp shipping in 1997, worked together in Sweden in 2009 and were artist in residence in Armenia in 2015.

The works of art by Jan Doms and Han Klinkhamer fit wonderfully together in one space, although it involves totally different disciplines. The similarity lies in the basic approach. It leads to artworks unadorned. Dynamic urban life and landscape emerge as central themes.


pict l: Jan Doms - relief print Intercepted Light | series avant-garde nr 01

pict r: Han Klinhamer - scratch drawing | Scratch free 08

Download: uitn.doms_klinkhamer(eng).jpg.pdf



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